Junior Sleuths (Acadia Recreation Complex) Aug 6-9


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August 6-9,2024

Junior Sleuths

**Calaway Park Pass Needed**

Unravel mysteries, crack codes, and sharpen your spy skills as you embark on a top-secret mission!  Craft your very own spy decoder and unlock hidden messages with invisible ink-essential tools for any aspiring secret agent! Then undergo intensive spy camp training to hone your abilities in stealth, surveillance, and evasion tactics.  But beware-the challenge awaits as you undertake the daring Mission Impossible! Navigate obstacles, outsmart adversaries, and emerge victorious in the ultimate test.  As the mission concludes, prepare for a well-deserved break with thrilling field trips to Variety Water Park and *Calaway Park*. (*Please make sure to purchase a Calaway Park Pass at checkout*.)

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Acadia Recreation Complex


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